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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!





Year 4 Autumn 1





Welcome back to Year 4. We have an action packed term ahead, full of fun and challenge. Whenever possible we plan to do outside PE, although considering the weather of late, we may have to change our plans accordingly!

Our topic is Road Trip USA.



Thursday 13 September

Special Homework - for a prize!


Research one or more of these famous New York landmarks. Bring your written facts in tomorrow (Friday) for a prize.

1. Statue of Liberty

2. Empire States Building

3. Met Museum

4. Times Square

5. Central Park

6. Twin Towers

7. Brooklyn Bridge

8. New York Public Library

9. Fifth Avenue

10. Broadway


Have Fun!

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Remember this week the test will be Thursday 27th September due to INSET day o Friday. Thanks

We are focussing on our Year 3/4 spellings this term. The 'Spelling Frame' website is a really useful and fun way of practising our key words.



19 September 2018



Rounding to the Nearest Ten - YouTube



We took Bee-bot for a journey on Route 66.

Year 4 have begun our topic Road Trip USA with an orienteering activity on the school field to locate 14 states and collect tickets from each place. Back in class, we located them on a map. We had a great time!

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