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All of our Key Stage 2 SATs results are significantly higher than the national averages! End of Early Years scores are higher than the national averages! Key Stage 1 results higher than the national averages! Well done, everyone! It's great to be #TeamBracken!

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!





Autumn Term 2 - Newsletter

Muck, Mess and Mixtures Laboratory

Autumn Term 1 - Newsletter


Take a look at the Maths curriculum in the learning section of our website. We have put on lots of brilliant activities from Inspire for each year group to try at home.

We have been very busy - Please take a look

We looked at photographs by the artist Carl Warner. He made photographs of food landscapes. The children had a great time working together to create their own 'foodscapes'.

We made ice cream in a bag! The children couldn't believe how fast it happened!

We made pictures and patterns using coloured ice cubes!

We had great fun investigating which soap makes the best bubbles!

In science we have been finding out what happens when you mix different materials with water. We predicted first and then tested each one. We used glitter, cooking oil, flour, cornflour, salt, sugar and washing up liquid. Some of the results really surprised us.

We had a wonderfully messy time in our Messy Mixtures Laboratory!

Land Ahoy! - Meet the Pirates!

We had a fabulous day with lots of pirate activities.

Year 2 have been doing some exciting science with Mrs Smith. We have been investigating how boats float. We had to use plasticine and work with a partner to make it float.

Mrs Smith had some Pirate Treasure in ice, we had to investigate how to get it out. We had salt, paper, glue spreaders, stones and paint brushes.

In RE this week we are learning about the Hindu Festival of Divali. We watched a DVD showing the story of Rama and Sita. We made puppets to retell the story and Mrs Smith taught us 3 Indian dances; snake dance, classical dance and stick dance. We remembered when we were in Reception class and a Mum came in and dressed us in saris.

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