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All of our Key Stage 2 SATs results are significantly higher than the national averages! End of Early Years scores are higher than the national averages! Key Stage 1 results higher than the national averages! Well done, everyone! It's great to be #TeamBracken!

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


Hello Year 1 children and parents. It's good to see that you are visiting our class page! This will be the place to find out important and interesting things that are happening in Year 1.

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We had a very exciting day for our memorable experience! We made both rockets and spaceships as well as creating our own moving rockets using a balloon, string and a drinking straw! It was lots of fun creating these rockets and we all enjoyed watching them run along the sting to our partner! The balloons were so hard to blow up that we definitely earned our dinner that day! We loved getting creative and being able to make our designs! We all had a lovely day and we are very excited to continue our space topic.

We had a very special visit today from Retford Fire Services! We loved hearing about what being a firefighter involves and finding out some very useful tips on how to keep safe! We practiced our best Stop, Drop and Rolls and loved being able to try on some of the equipment!

We had lots of fun creating circuits. We found out that the circuit had to be complete in order for us to make the bulb light up! Now we have found out how to make a bulb light, we can now work on sending a secret code to our alien friends!

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 took part in a Mini Olympics to help raise money for the NSPCC. We completed football dribbles, tossed quoits, hula hooped and skipped as well as competing in a hurdles race and practicing our hockey skills! We had a lot of fun trying all the activities! Thank you to everyone who has sponsored us!

We had a go at sorting lots of different objects and creating their very own planet to live on. We had things like 'Planet Wood', 'Planet Metal' and 'Planet Plastic'. We had lots of fun doing this with Mrs Smith!

We created our own Alien landscapes to guide a BeeBot around.We had a lot of fun creating new and exciting things to go onto our landscapes and really enjoyed guided the BeeBot around!

We had a very special delivery brought to us, and we were all very excited and intrigued because we didn't know what was inside! When we opened the package we found out that we had been sent lots of Dinosaur Eggs! We all had our own egg and had to very patient waiting for them to hatch! Some of them hatched quickly, others took a very long time! In the end though, we all had our very own dinosaur to take home!

We used lots of different materials to create our very own Sock-a-saurus Rex puppets! We had lots of fun designing and making them!

Today we became explorers and investigated all things Dinosaur! We became archaeologists as we dug for Dinosaur skeletons, artists as we created our own Dinosaur skeletons and created outdoor art. We also had a go at making our own Dinosaur fossils! We have had a very busy and exciting day exploring Dinosaurs and I know that we are all even more excited to start this topic!

To help us learn more about our Capital City we looked at different maps of London. We couldn't believe how big it was compared to Retford! We found all the major landmarks as well as other interesting things, including where The Great Fire of London started, on Pudding Lane!

We had lots of fun using different types of construction to build a mode of transport found in London. We built Double-Decker Buses, Underground Trains, Bikes, Taxis and Cars!

We were all very excited for our Royal Tea Party today especially with the possibility of a Royal Visitor! We started off by making our own sandwiches to eat at the Tea Party, we made Jam sandwiches and Cheese sandwiches - Yummy! After lunch we all got changed into our best clothes and enjoyed some choosing time before we had our food. Our sandwiches were very yummy and were worth the wait! We also enjoyed munching on crisps, sweets and cake! We were all very excited when a special letter was delivered to our classroom, we wondered who it was from! Unfortunately it was a letter from the Queen apologising for being unable to attend, but she did send one of her Ladies in Waiting to visit us! We asked lots of questions about the Queen and life at the Palace. We also perfected our bows and curtseys and enjoyed showing them off to every adult that came into the classroom! We had a lovely time at our Tea Party and can't wait to continue learning about the 'Bright Lights, Big City'!

We really enjoyed learning about the different bones in our bodies and especially loved making our split pin skeletons!

We all enjoyed creating our own versions of a family portrait!

A big thank you to everyone who came to our Phonics Share the Learning! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and have learnt lots about the different types of activities we do to help us improve our Phonics skills!

We had lots of fun having a go at painting a family celebration!

We tried out the Now Press Play activities in English! This involved us putting on our headphones and listening to a story all about a world where the capital letters and full stops had disappeared from three well known stories! After some technical difficulties we succeeded in completing the story! We had lots of fun using the Now Press Play equipment and can't wait to try it again!

We had a brilliant time at our tea party today! Thank you to everyone who came! The children were very excited to ask you their questions about their development and what they were like as a child! If you couldn't make it today don't worry as the children will be bringing their questions home, if they haven't done already! It was a fantastic way to start out half term topic of 'Memory Box' and I know its made us all very excited about what else this topic will bring!

We received a very special delivery yesterday. A box of mysterious animals was sent to us by a vet asking for our help. The vet had never seen animals like this before, and asked us to become Pet Detectives! So we put on our detective hats and began to investigate. The first thing we had to do was name our animal, then we had to find out what they ate and drank, where they lived, how they moved, what they like doing. We all found out lots of interesting things about these new animals, with some of the information being slightly different, showing that, just like us, animals can be different too!

For our science investigation we had to see whether we can do what animals can! We started by discussing the different traits of animals and whether we have the same abilities. Then we put it to the test! We investigated whether we could slither like a Snake, turn our head like an Owl, jump like a Frog, fly like a Bird or catch a Worm like a Bird. We found out that although we could do some things like the animals, we couldn't do them as well as they could! Some of them we couldn't even do at all!

We read The Tiger Who Came To Tea in our English lesson today! In groups we then had to put the pictures into the correct order so we could re-tell the story together! We had lots of fun trying to remember the order and working together to make sure we got it right!

We had a brilliant day at White Post Farm! Our tour guide Cathy showed us all the different animals they have on the farm as well as giving us the chance to feed some of them! We learnt lots of new things about the animals, even the grown ups learnt something new! After feeding the animals we got the chance to hold some of them! Mr Letton and Mrs Cook volunteered to help Cathy show us the animals, I think they enjoyed it more than we did! After holding the animals it was time for lunch, we were all ready for some food after such an exciting morning! After eating we got the chance to have a go on the big slide and play in the indoor play area! The grown ups decided that they wanted a go as well, so they had a race to the bottom, with Mr Letton finishing in a spectacular fashion! (see picture) After play time we headed into the reptile house where we got to hold a Bearded Dragon and a Snake as well as getting up close to a Turtle and a seven legged Tarantula! After seeing the animals in the reptile house we had just enough time to visit the Meerkats and Giant Tortoises before having our group photo and heading back to the bus! We all had a lot of fun and it has definitely made us even more excited about our Paws, Claws and Whiskers Topic!

Today we got to try our superhero masks! Some of us made full face masks, some chose to make eye masks, while others went with an eye patch style! All of our masks looks brilliant and would certainly help to disguise us if we get called for superhero duty!

We used our super senses today to work out what was hidden in each mystery box! We had to work out what we could smell, taste, see, hear and touch, making sure we used super describing words!

After planning and designing our own superhero mask, it was time to make them! We got creative with lots of different materials to bring our masks to life! We had lots of fun making our masks, even if we did get messy - Sorry mums and dads!

Class Visitor


We were visited by two very special people today in Year 1! Mrs Smith and baby Benjamin came in to see us! It was very exciting to see Mrs Smith again and to meet Benjamin for the first time! We were able to ask Mrs Smith lots questions about babies, and Benjamin in particular. We also had the chance to tell her what we already knew, thanks to having younger siblings! Although it was only a short visit this time it was still lovely to meet him and we can't wait for the next visit!



Maths We have been having lots of fun in our maths lessons creating number bonds with cubes and Numicon! We found out that if our scales balanced then we had created a number bond! We started off making number bonds to 10 before having a go at making number bonds for other numbers!

Superhero Hunt! To introduce our new half term topic we all participated in an exciting superhero hunt! To make the hunt more enjoyable we created our very own fictional adventure by dressing up as our favourite superheroes! We set off venturing around the school to see what we could find! The children then used their special powers to seek out the hidden superheroes!

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