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We had a very special surprise visitor yesterday - Rose and her guide dog Vicky came to see us! Rose told us all about Vicky's role and all the different ways she helps her. Vicky is very clever and helps Rose get to where she wants to go. She knows when it is safe to cross a road and she knows how to avoid obstacles to keep Rose safe when walking. Rose can also tell Vicky which shop she would like to go to in Town and Vicky will take her there! It was so interesting to hear all about Guide Dogs and we learnt so much thanks to Rose and Vicky. 
After investigating different Dinosaur teeth we used salt dough to create our own. 
Take a look at our fantastic Dinosaur Skeleton drawings!
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Spellings for this week:
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Maths homework for this week:
We've had great fun creating our own Dinosaur Fossils. We used salt dough to create the base and chose our favourite dinosaur to make the imprint. The fossils were then finished with a brown paint to make them look more authentic! 

Summer 1 Newsletter

Parents' guide to the Phonics Screening Check

Our Dinosaur Day! What a fantastic day we had yesterday - a class full of explorers eager to find out even more about Dinosaurs. We became artists, paleontologists and researchers. Unfortunately the rain put a stop to our Dinosaur hunt (which will be done at a later date instead!) We had so much fun and can't wait to continue learning even more about Dinosaurs!
In Maths we have begun learning about Mass. We really enjoyed using the Pan Balances to find out which objects were heavier and which were lighter.  
We looked at examples of prehistoric landscapes and then drew our own. We made them into 3D art by using things found in the school environment. 
We started off our new topic by researching Dinosaurs using both books and different websites. We created a fact file about a Dinosaur of our choice and wrote down all the interesting facts we had discovered. 

We had a lot of fun using the famous landmarks from around London to create a collage.


A big well done to our Spellathon Winners!

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What a fun afternoon we have had trying to recreate some of London's famous Landmarks! Can you guess which ones we have built? 
We had a fantastic day on Friday! Unfortunately the Queen had a prior engagement and could not make it to our tea party, but we still celebrated anyway! We made our own sandwiches to snack on and also had a few other treats to enjoy. We read the story 'The Queen's Knickers' and created our own design for a pair of 'School Visit Knickers' for the Queen to wear if she ever came to Bracken Lane primary Academy! 
We all really enjoyed making our special frames for Mother's Day! We took our time to create something that we knew our mums would love! Happy Mother's Day!

Year 1 and 2 Spelling Competition

Creating our Memory Boxes

What a fantastic day we had at White Post Farm! We didn't let the cold and the unexpected rain spoil our day! We all had lots of fun learning about all the different animals they have at the farm and we especially enjoyed feeding and holding them! As well as looking at all the animals we also had the opportunity to practice milking a cow, something that we were all very good at! We also all enjoyed getting to have go on the farm's sledge run, before we headed home. We all had a lovely day and we are even more excited about our 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers' topic after our day at the farm!

We have been learning about the Christian Festival of Harvest. We worked together to draw and label all the things we know about it.

What a great way to finish our Superhero topic with a visit from Retford Fire Service! We loved finding out all about their role and how they help people. We also found out how to keep ourselves safe in case of a fire and learnt how to 'Stop, Drop and Roll'. We all really enjoyed the getting to look around the Fire Engine and finding out about the equipment the firefighters use to help people. We even got to sit in the Fire Engine!

We really enjoyed making our Superhero masks and couldn't wait to try them on!

We have been learning about the Hindu Festival of Divali. Mrs Smith dressed in a sari. We ate some Indian food, made Rama and Sita puppets, made clay divas, mehndi patterns and Rangoli patterns. We had a lot of fun!

We investigated our sense of touch. Mrs Smith had some feels bags and we had to guess what was inside just by feeling. Some if the things were really tricky to guess!

Year 1 have had lots of fun with Mrs Smith investigating their sense of smell! They had to guess what was inside the pots by smelling through the tiny holes.

We all loved getting creative and making our own Superhero Masks! We followed our plans to create our masks and got very messy in the process! We loved cutting, choosing and gluing everything together to create our finished masterpieces! 

We had lots of fun creating our own 'Super Kid'! 

We all had so much fun on our Superhero hunt! After dinner we all put on our Superhero disguises and set off on a hunt to find the Superheroes who had hidden themselves around our school! We had to look high and low, but eventually we found them all! We also all really enjoyed practicing our own Superhero poses! 

As part of our Superhero topic this half term Year 1 have been looking at real life heroes. We were very lucky to have Alice and Craig from Retford Police Force come and visit us in school. They told us all about what it takes to work for the Police and the kind of jobs they have to do in order to keep us all safe. Some of us were given the opportunity to try on some of their uniform and we were all allowed to sit in the back of the Police Van - we decided that we didn't like that very much as it was really cold inside! Alice and Craig then put on the sirens and even let us have a go at putting them on, they were very loud! We had lots of fun and really enjoyed our afternoon!

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