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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!



We have been looking at different materials and their properties. We read the story 'The Three Little Pigs' and talked about why two of the three houses didn't survive the Big Bad Wolf's Huff and Puff! We used materials found both inside and outside the classroom to make our own houses. We then tested them against a strong wind. 
A huge thank you to everyone who came to our Phonics Share the Learning today! The children really enjoyed sharing the types of activities they do with you!
What a fantastic Royal Tea Party we had today! We made our own sandwiches in the morning ready for the Tea Party this afternoon. Unfortunately The Queen could not join us as she was very busy with her Royal duties, so we had to settle with a picture of her on the board instead! This didn't stop us enjoying ourselves and having a lovely time!
We used the computers to help us find facts about London Landmarks. We found lots of interesting things!
We have been looking at the fable 'The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse'. In groups we created a character profile for one of the mice. 
A huge thank you to everyone who came to share a story with us today! We have had a wonderful day, with brilliant costumes and great stories!
Spring 2
We had lots of fun creating our memory boxes. We stuck, glued and decorated to create our designs. We got very messy but it was worth it for how well our boxes turned out!
We looked at the painting 'The Umbrellas' by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. We used different textures to create our own umbrellas using similar colours to Renoir.
We loved visiting The Book Fair when it came to school! We especially loved that we got to go in our pyjamas!!
Spring 1
Well done to all of KS1 for two wonderful performances! We are very proud of you all! Also a huge thank you for all of your donations towards Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice. 
Thank you to every one who came to our Maths Share the Learning. We really enjoyed showing off what we have been learning this term. 
Thank you for all your donations for the Christmas Fair - We loved wearing our Christmas Jumpers!
Picture 1
What a fantastic day we had at White Post Farm! Despite the freezing weather we all really enjoyed ourselves! Our farm guide Nigel was very informative and we have all learnt lots about about looking after animals it was great being able to feed them as well! We were lucky enough to be able to hold a selection of small animals and we were even able to experience feeling some reptiles! There was also time for a play on the Farm's indoor play area before heading back to the bus. 
We were all very excited to add our Pennies to Pudsey Bear to help raise money for Children In Need. Well done everyone!
We had a really great time creating animal art using outdoor materials. We had to get very creative with the different materials we found to show the different features on our animals. We also had a go at creating a den for a hibernating animal. We had to think about providing safe shelter that would keep the animal warm and dry.
We all really enjoyed learning about shapes and different ways to sort them. We also looked at repeating shape patterns and created our own!
Autumn 2
After talking about what makes us a super person we decided to put all of our ideas together and create our very own 'Super Kid'. We drew around ourselves and wrote down all the things that make us Super!
We explored our sense of Touch. We had to guess what we could feel inside a bag without looking. We had to record what we thought we could feel! After we had recorded everything we had a look inside the bag to see if we were right! 
We are really enjoying learning lots of new skills in PE.
Look at all our fantastic costumes on Roald Dahl Day!
Picture 1
We explored our sense of smell by guessing and recording what we thought we could smell in different pots. After we had guessed them all we revealed what was really inside and discovered if we were right or not. We then recorded the correct smell on our sheets!
We really enjoyed learning about different parts of the body. We all tried really hard to label the different parts.
Can you guess our secret identity? 
We all really enjoyed creating our own Superhero capes and masks!
Have a look at all our fantastic Summer Holiday Projects! We all did some really fun things and learnt lots of new words!

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