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Welcome to Bracken Lane Primary Academy

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Executive Principal

Mrs. Catherine Thornton


Academy Lead

Mr. David Ivemey

Designated Person for Safeguarding and Child Protection


Office Manager

Mrs. Helena Nicholson


Senior Teachers

Mrs. Sarah Camish - Key Stage 2 Lead
Mrs. Helen Cawkill - Early Years Lead
Mrs. Deborah Lawrence - Key Stage 1 Lead


Inclusion Manager

Mrs. Helen Skelton - Inclusion Manager

Designated Person for Safeguarding and Child Protection


Teaching Team

Miss Keira Abbott
Mrs. Helen Cawkill

Miss Nicola Eade - Designated Person for Safeguarding and Child Protection
Mrs. Mandy Ebbs
Miss Jessica Hooper

Mrs. Deborah Lawrence
Mrs. Lizzy Smith

Mrs. Victoria Read


Teaching Assistant Team

Mrs. Victoria Allcock

Mrs. Bridget Chillingworth
Mrs Chris Collins
Miss Sharlene Disley
Miss Shannon Lacey
Miss Rebecca Legg
Mrs Teresa Marriott
Mrs Carolyn Preston

Mrs Helen Skelton
Mrs Karen Taylor

Miss Natalie Ward


Administration Assistant

Mrs Julia Adams


Lead Caretaker

Mr Kevin Taylor



Mr Steven Dunlop


School Chef

Mrs Ann Dahlberg-Sharpe


Catering Assistant

Mrs Emma Sutton


Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs Dawn Richardson


Midday Supervisory Team

Ms Samantha Brown

Mrs Michelle Green

Mrs Catherine Spencer

Mrs Sarah Marshall

Mrs Beverley Holmes

Picture 1 Keira Abbott - Teacher
Picture 2 Julia Adams - Administration Assistant
Picture 3 Victoria Allcock - Teaching Assistant
Picture 4 Samantha Brown - Midday Supervisor
Picture 5 Sarah Camish - Teacher
Picture 6 Helen Cawkill - Teacher
Picture 7 Bridget Chliingworth - Teaching Assistant
Picture 8 Chris Collins - Teaching Assistant
Picture 9 Ann Dahlberg Sharpe - School Chef
Picture 10 Sharlene Disley - Teaching Assistant
Picture 11 Steve Dunlop - Cleaner
Picture 12 Nicola Eade - Teacher
Picture 13 Mandy Ebbs - Teacher
Picture 14 Michelle Green - Midday Supervisor
Picture 15 Jessica Hooper - Teacher
Picture 16 Beverley Holmes - Midday Supervisor
Picture 17 David Ivemey - Academy Lead
Picture 18 Shannon Lacey - Teaching Assistant
Picture 19 Deborah Lawrence - Teacher
Picture 20 Rebecca Legg - Teaching Assistant
Picture 21 Teresa Marriott - Teaching Assistant
Picture 22 Sarah Marshall - Midday Supervisor
Picture 23 Helena Nicholson - Office Manager
Picture 24 Carolyn Preston - Teaching Assistant
Picture 25 Victoria Read - Teacher
Picture 26 Dawn Richardson - Senior Midday Supervisor
Picture 27 Lizzy Smith - Teacher
Picture 28 Helen Skelton - Inclusion Manager
Picture 29 Catherine Spencer - Midday Supervisor
Picture 30 Emma Sutton - Cook
Picture 31 Karen Taylor - Teaching Assistant
Picture 32 Kevin Taylor - Lead Caretaker
Picture 33 Cat Thornton - Executive Principal
Picture 34 Natalie Ward - Teaching Assistant
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