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All of our Key Stage 2 SATs results are significantly higher than the national averages! End of Early Years scores are higher than the national averages! Key Stage 1 results higher than the national averages! Well done, everyone! It's great to be #TeamBracken!


Bracken Lane Primary and Nursery School prides itself on its inclusive provision, which is widely respected in the local community.  All staff are committed to providing all children with the curriculum that they need, committed to equal opportunity for all.


The Inclusion Manager at the school, Helen Skelton and the Inclusion Team work to ensure that the progress made by vulnerable children is focussed on closing gaps and treating all children with dignity and respect, irrespective of any (dis)ability. 


More information about provision for children with additional needs can be found below.  Please do not hesitate to make contact with the school if you require any further help.

SEND Information Report

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