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Welcome to Bracken Lane Primary Academy.


At Bracken Lane, we are clear that inclusion deals with any child or adult who has any additional need that may affect his/her learning in an adverse way, without some additional provision being made available.  Inclusion does not mean treating children 'equally'.  Inclusion means giving children what they need.


The Inclusion Leader at the school is Helen Skelton.


Other team members are:

David Ivemey (Academy Lead)

Tina Wyles (Governor)



At Bracken Lane, we pride ourselves on the excellent local reputation we have as an inclusive school.  We welcome children irrespective of any (dis)ability and we are proud that so many families make Bracken Lane their school of choice.


From time to time, most children have additional needs that need to be catered for.  Please click the link below to see more information about the special provisions that can be made at Bracken Lane, for children who have additional needs.

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