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All of our Key Stage 2 SATs results are significantly higher than the national averages! End of Early Years scores are higher than the national averages! Key Stage 1 results higher than the national averages! Well done, everyone! It's great to be #TeamBracken!

Winter Weather Warning

You may have seen that the Met Office issued a yellow warning for snow across the country later today and tomorrow.  As usual, different weather forecasts are saying are different things.


We just thought we would remind everyone what to do if the weather turns very wintry.


Please do not ring the school to see if we are open or not.  We will do everything in our power to stay open and closure would only be as last resort if it was unsafe for the children to be at school. 


In the very unlikely event that we were to close, we would text, put messages on our website and on the County Council's website as well as on local radio.  If you did not hear from us in any of these ways, it would be business as usual.


We love the snow and it is always brilliant to see the children having a great time, but we really would rather it stayed away!



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