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All of our Key Stage 2 SATs results are significantly higher than the national averages! End of Early Years scores are higher than the national averages! Key Stage 1 results higher than the national averages! Well done, everyone! It's great to be #TeamBracken!

Academy Consultation

Dear Families,


Change to Governance Arrangement


For several terms now, the Governing Body of our school has been investigating the best way to help the school to continue to develop and build upon our successes. After an exhaustive process, and considering a number of options, the Governors and Senior Leadership of the school have concluded that Bracken Lane should seek to become an academy.


The Governors have submitted an expression of interest to the Regional Schools Commissioner and they are pleased to say that she agrees with them. As a result, an ‘Academy Order’ has been issued for the school, which means that the Governors can now formally consult with everyone on becoming an academy. This letter marks the start of the consultation process, which will end on 31 March 2017.


The Governors have selected the Diverse Academies Learning Partnership (DALP) as their preferred multi-academy trust to join. The Diverse Academies is a local trust that includes, amongst other schools, Retford Oaks Academy and Tuxford Academy. 92% of our children go on to these schools – to become part of the trust seems a sensible way forward, to ensure that our children have a 3 to 19 year education, with seamless transitions between phases. Importantly, our school ethos and values align well with the Diverse Academies – with an emphasis on excellent teaching, exceptional care and outstanding performance, achieved by maintaining and developing our school’s unique identity.


As a member of the Diverse Academies, we will be able to retain everything that we hold so dear about the specialness of Bracken Lane. Through collaboration with the trust and all its partner schools, we will continue to offer the very best opportunities for our children, staff and the wider community. This is not a merger or take-over, nor would we be a ‘sponsored’ academy. Thrumpton Primary School is consulting with its families at the same time. We do not wish to join a trust where the schools become clones of each other and lose their unique characteristics. Bracken Lane and Thrumpton, whilst working more closely together to provide the best for children from either side of London Road, will remain separate and proudly individual schools.


We would seek to join the trust as an already very successful school. By joining the Diverse Academies, we will continue to forge our own school strategies and ideals, whilst tapping into the trust’s success – sharing the practices that make them and us successful, and enabling ourselves to progress even further.


We would benefit from the cost savings of centralised services that will, in turn, allow us to ensure that our budget is spent on supporting our children to give them the greatest opportunities that we can.


Please click on the Frequently Asked Questions document below - it will answer many questions that families will have. If you would prefer a paper copy of the FAQ document – please contact the school office.


The Governors will host a number of meetings at school, to seek opinions from families and staff before making their final decision. After reading the FAQ document, if you have any comments or further questions about the process, please send them in to Governors will consider every response to the consultation and responses will be provided for everyone to see.


More information about the Diverse Academies Learning Partnership can be found in the leaflet that has been sent home and by clicking on the link below.


With our very best wishes,


The Governors of Bracken Lane Primary and Nursery School

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